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Hello Everyone, I am in need of your expertise within the field of Nursing and Public Health! I have recently graduated with a MSW and I am thinking about pursing an Accelerated BSN program... Read More

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    hi amerae,

    thanks for replying to this post and sharing your experience as well! as for me, i am still considering nursing. however, i have just started a new position at a large university doing clinical research in hiv/subtance abuse prevention! since, i am here i am able to take classes through the university’s tuition reimbursement program. i have been told that i am not able to take science course (i.e. pre-reqs) due to time conflicts. however, i am planning on applying to their executive mph program where i can take classes part-time and earn this degree in two years virtually for free . also, while i'm working, i plan on taking my gre's in order to apply to bsn/msn programs because i want to specialize in psychiatric nursing and become a np! after two years of work experience and earning this degree, i plan on returning to school full-time to take the pre-reqs and work part-time. after that, i plan on applying to nursing programs. many professionals in the medical community (drs and psychnp’s) have supported me in pursuing a mph (more focus on community assessments, biostats, epi, and preventive measures and health policy) in addition to my strong clinical background with my msw. so, this is what i have been doing since the last post!

    i want to say that i share in your frustration for making hard set decisions about pursing nursing or another profession! i have been thinking about living my life and having fun vs going to school until i’m in my mid 30's. i know that you have been thinking about having a family and other personal things that will determine your ultimate decision! i wish you the best in all that you decide to do! the reason i chose to pursue nursing is because i truly like helping people and i want to gain more knowledge about the human body! i always like the field but have been intimidated by the sciences, which is why i have chosen psychology/social work as my undergrad/graduate degrees respectfully. now, i’m “older” and more focused to complete this goal .

    as a social worker, i also have witnessed how limiting the degree has been! i graduated from an ivy league institution, yet i have been only considered for one low paying, high stress case management/clinical therapist position! fellow colleagues of mine have also shared similar experiences and decided to return to school to pursue more "stable and rewarding" careers. i have spoken with individuals who are lcsw's and they have shared they have experienced limited opportunities with his or her background. i live on the east coast; it has been difficult finding decent paying professional jobs. i believe that the economy and the lack of respect for social workers have led me to be focused on pursing a nursing credential. i know for me, i want a career that is rewarding not only to me, but also to the individuals i serve. in addition, i want a career where i am able to provide for myself and a family (if i decide to have one later in life).

    good luck with all that you do amerae! stay focused and find what makes you happy both personally and professionally! i truly believe in whatever career you decide to pursue, you will be a great addition to the organization! social work and nursing needs people like us who care and make a difference in peoples’ lives.
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