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Hi everyone! I'm so excited and proud to announce I just got a job for my local health department in women's health! I can't believe it! Any words of wisdom or advice? I've been stalking this forum... Read More

  1. by   %63theend
    Lovinmymac, I can't remember what all I was asked. I remember being asked "what is stressful about your current job" and "why do you want to work here". I had done clinicals here and was well acquainted already with the staff so they probably didn't ask me all of the same qsts as they already knew me and my answers.
  2. by   %63theend
    Lynds80, Some places will take you without med surge experience. But I think even my six months on the floor make me a better nurse here. I say do what you can on the floor first, if you can at all bring yourself to do it.
  3. by   pretty70
    Hi Rizz congratulations! I am also new in a Community Health Center I just finish my 4th week orientation. have you been asked to get your own National Provider Identifier (NPI)?
  4. by   Maria L
    Congrats! I want to become a public nurse so bad. I have been looking at the job posting for public health nurse as well, but there aren't many opening. It seems like most of time they only hire people who are already their employee and wants to lateral transfer.
    Anyways, I envy yoooooooooooou! Good Luck!!