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:yes: Hello folks. Just was hired at the local health department, my role will be the immunization nurse. I am thrilled and look forward to weekends and holidays with my family. I been working in Psych/med unit in the... Read More

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    Enjoy! Childhood immunizations are complex, but it is rewarding to learn the recommendations, educate/counsel parents, master the schedules with the multitude of vaccines, & know that you are contributing to one of the greatest contributions to the health of the public in the past century. Props to ya! As for learning the schedules, I has a few of tools up my sleeve I'd like to share that really made my job easier (this may be overboard; sorry):
    1) The "Ask the Experts" section of immunize.org. You can sign up for monthly newsletters as well.
    2) The Epidemiology of Vaccine Preventable Diseases Online Webcast & accompanying "Pink Book". The course is long, but it's broken up into sections.
    3) The Childhood "Catch-up Schedule"
    Links are below:
    Wow this is fabulous, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I am anxious I realize it will just take some time, I am sure the links will help, anything to make things easier. I believe this position will be rewarding, and again thanks for your words of encouragement and wisdom. If you think of anything else please share, thanks again.
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    I just did some non clinical training today, I'll let you know how my actual hands on goes tomorrow!
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    Happy New Year, things are going well. I have a ton to learn, there is stress but it is so different than the hospital. Thanks for all the replys and encouragement.
    Keep looking up.
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    Can I add that I am just incredibly jealous of you all with your health dept jobs?
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    Happy new year to you too! Yes, a lot to learn! I still love it and I'm on my own about 25% of the time now. Each situation is so unique that comes in so you are always seeing something new.
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