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Community Health Needs Assessment

  1. 0 As part of my job as Community health Nurse, I am expected to do a community health needs assessment. I have never done one before and am looking for a template or completed assessment to be a guide. Is there anyone out there that might be able to give me a few pointers. It seems like a daunting task. Any words of encouragement would be appreciated. Thanks and pray for me.
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    I am a Public Health Nurse. Although I do not do this as part of my job, I did one for a community health class. It is an extremely involved project. My text was 'community and public health nursing' by stanhope and lancaster. It is the only book I kept from my BSN program and worth the expense if you are in comm health. It kinda gives you an outline. I am not sure if I still have the outline I used for my assessment. I'll try to take a look. PM me if interested.

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    I have the second edition of Stanhope and Knollmueller's Handbook of Public and Community Health Nursing Practice. There is an entire section on community assessment that gives questions for a windshield survey and how to analyze the data into an assessment. If you can't locate these resources maybe you could visit the community health instructor at a local BSN program. They might be willing to help you with this info. My stuff from school unfortunately is long gone.
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    Thanks for the info. I will check out the text book on community nursing. I love this site, so much info and people who really care and want to help other nurses. Thanks everyone