Can you be a PHN if you are a new grad? - page 3

Can you be a PHN if you are a new grad? Do new grads get hired in the public health nursing or do you require 1 year of exp as a RN. I am RN BSN. Thanks for any input!!... Read More

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    Your BSN program must have the required coursework in Community and Public Health nursing in order for your degree to qualify for PHN licensing in the state of CA. It is not an exam. You apply for the license and pay the fee. The BON reviews your schools curriculum and grants it to you.
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    I am a new grad nurse from CO. When I was looking at the job description for public health nurse I in some local health departments in CA, I really liked the job. But I already applied to be licensed in CO (Haven't taken NCLEX yet). What's the best approach to apply to a PHN position in CA? I understand in order to get the public health certificate you need to have a CA license.

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