What equipment to bring to psych unit?

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    Hey folks,

    I was offered a job at an in-patient (adolescent) psych unit. As a student nurse, I always had my stethoscope, penlight, alcohol swabs, scissors, tape, sharpie, etc. What's useful/appropriate to have on a psych unit? (I'm guessing I should leave the scissors at home.)

    Also, any advice or words of encouragement? This is my 1st nursing job.


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    I just bring a pen.
    (And a kind heart, and a mutually respectful attitude.)
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    You don't go through orientation first? Usually that kinda prepares you for what to have on hand. I work ad. psych and always need my stethoscope. BUT there is one always available on the unit. YEAH REALLY, a pen is abt it. That and lots of patience! GOOD LUCK, may the force be with you. I LOVE the boys, but sometimes the girls can really try me.
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    You don't really need to bring too much other than a few black pens. Most of what you list will be found on the unit. In psych, alcohol swabs will be found in abundance, given the number of IMs that you will give

    That being said, I do bring some of my own supplies. I bring my steth because I like having my own. A penlight is also good for neuro checks, especially if a patient falls or you're working detox. I also bring my own Sharpies and highlighters (because I can never find one whenever I need it) and a mini-stapler (ditto). And a name stamp so I don't have to print my name under every signature.
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    Quote from Meriwhen
    a name stamp so I don't have to print my name under every signature.
    Ooh a name stamp -- that's great!
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    name stamp few pens highlighters stethoscope and lots of compassion

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