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    I don't believe I am all alone out there, but curious to know where other people are at. I am starting NP school in Fall 09 for Psych-Mental Health. Like most of us, I will need to quit work for schools. Of course, I will need Living expenses + the Tuition + travelling and Books. So, for the 3 years, I calculated that I will owe at least $150,000. Is this insane or what? I wonder what other people owe, will owe. and what good plans do you have for repayment. Upon graduation, I will need a salary of at least $100,000 to break even. Right?

    Please share your thoughts on this..... Does Psych NP make the money to repay such a big loan?????


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    I became a Psych NP after psych staff nursing on inpatient unit for about 6 years. The salary you make will depend on where you work and each state has slightly to significantly different scope of practices. Florida for example, restricts prescribing many medications so your scope of practice will be different then say the midwest where you have much more autonomy and make more money. In my opinion, if you can work and get your facility to cover your tuition etc. that is the way to go.

    The hospital I worked for required I work 32 hours per week and gave me tuition waivers which helped significantly. I went to grad school one day per week from 9am to 9:30 pm and took as many online courses in the evening and weekend and summer courses as I possibly could. Took 3 very long years but I did it.

    good luck
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    location, location, location....husband is retired and we live in a frozen world about 7 months out of the year.
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    What you're paid depends on where you work. In 2007 I worked in the largest psych facility in northern Indiana, doing psych NP work and made 62500 per year. I know some places pay better, but many don't.
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    I work at the VA in Pa and I love it

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