Scariest and sweetest thing a Pt has ever done or said to you

  1. 0 Scariest: I was doing a 1:1 with a Pt and another Pt came down and started chatting me up. Pretty soon he was telling me how he killed animals and liked to wear them and it soon turned into him comparing me to Clarice from the Hannibal Lector movies and him as Hannibal Lector and how he wanted to be a cannibal. I think it might have been to see if he could get a reaction or for attention but you never know...

    Sweetest: Thank you I can tell you really love your job and your heart is in it. The Pt was an excellent artist and drew me a picture and wrote a poem on it.
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    "I love you", my response-"I love you too".
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    Oh yes that is a good one
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    I was working in a day community facility, and one of the clients used a type machine to talk. I was on my last day there, and the night before he said to me (via the machine-voice of his type writer) that he was going to miss me, he thought I was lovely, and that I had made a positive impact on his days there. I was so moved. I will never forget.
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