Moving from community to inpt. Advice?

  1. Hey all you wonderful psych nurses! I wonder if any of you could share some wisdom with me on this transition I am getting ready to make. I have been working for 10 months in community mental health, specifically on an ACT Team, so basically the most chronic, unstable population in the community. I have seen clients at baseline (which for them is usually quite symptomatic and add active substance abuse to that.....well you get the idea), seen clients in crisis (I have been involved in many MANY emergency petitions), and then seen them again when they are more stabilized. I did my practicum in school on an acute adult behavioral heath unit, so I have a fair idea of what inpt is like. I start in 2 weeks at a 46 bed free standing private psych hospital that serves all ages. They don't usually do detox there but occasionally have a detox or 2, and they don't take anyone who is medically unstable. I will be cross trained in child and adolescent which I have almost zero experience with other than the handful of 18-19 transitional aged youth we had as clients. Anything I should be brushing up on? Any advice? This facility is in the same area as my current agency and our clients do get admitted to the facility I will be starting with quite regularly, and the psychiatrist that is on our team also works outpt at the new facility as well as providing.coverage on weekends, so those things are a plus. Anyway, sorry for the book but your input is appreciated.
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