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  1. 0 I have been a pediatric nurse at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus for 18 years and have floated all over the hospital. I recently decided that I would like to go back and get my Masters in Nursing and specialize in Psychology. I was wondering if anyone can give me advice on programs or jobs or experiences? As far as I know there are no programs in Ohio for MSN in Psych Nursing so I will have to go out of state. I really feel that this is my calling and want to pursue this!
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    The only one I have heard of is the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Sry thats all I know!
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    OMG! Check out the university of cincinatti - they even have distance learning msn psychiatric nurse practitioner i was so ready to enroll but now minnesota changed something (maybe requiring PhD) so not possible fo ME now but check them out
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    Yes, I know several people who went to the UC program in Cincinnati. And I would be v. surprised if there aren't other psych MSN programs in OH.
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    Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Program: FPB School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University
    Nursing Master's Degree | Psychiatric Mental Health Family Nurse Practitioner
    The University of Akron : Family Psychiatric Mental Health NP
    Adult Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner | College of Nursing

    Those are just a few I know of...just do a quick search of the schools websites. I am sure that there are post-MSN certs that you can do too but I found those 4 in about 5 mins.

    Sorry can't give you job info from a personal experiences as I am not even a nurse yet but I do have an MA in psych and 5 years working in mental health with psychiatric nurse practitioners. They seem to like their jobs. I again can't speak to Ohio as much as the agency I work for has more psychiatrists then I have ever seen under one roof before. In my previous state all we had was NP's and they loved what they did.
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    Ohio State University
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    I am a first year graduate student at Kent State University in their Family Psych/Mental Health NP program. I really like it. I had one year of med/surg experience before going back. Several students commute from Pittsburgh PA, Northern W. VA., Athens, Cleveland, and of course the Akron area. You meet once a week and can have your clinicals wherever you need them to be. Check it out