magazines, books and videos for inpatient psych unit

  1. I am looking for some interesting, educational, and yet safe (not triggering) magazines, books and videos for patients in an inpatient psych unit. What would you recommend?
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  3. by   albymangel
    Hi greenbeanio
    I guess it would depends what educational stuff you want (mental illnes, medications, pyshosocial acitivites, lifeskills, self help stuff, staying well and much more.

    Not all educational is interesting right? maybe start by asking what the patient's/client's want I think this could be a good place to start. you also ask about books, magazines and even videos.

    Movies can be a bit tricky, where I worked staff at times brought in Movies (DVD) usually chose something that was "light" so to speak comedy or general interest stuff, like wildlife doco's.

    The inpatient setting where I used to work established a library, which continued the books you would find in any library.

    what about asking the client's/patient's to organise a libray for books and DVD's ?

    sound like your pro-active and I like that

    cheers for now