Just want to thank you all

  1. I'm not a nurse, but rather a psych patient who has been in and out of hospitals since about 2003. I'm assuming most nursing jobs are thankless, but I appreciate the help that I have recieved, and want to thank those who work with patients like myself on a daily basis.
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    You're welcome Most psych nurses are in the specialty because we love what we do and feel that we can make some difference. It's nice to hear positive feedback from patients.
  4. by   HolyPeas
    This warms my little cold heart
  5. by   RN58186
    I have the most respect for psych nurses. I am a nurse, but have been admitted many times to inpatient mental health units. I know first hand that I do not have what it takes to be a good psych nurse. But I am very thankful for all those nurses who do have a niche for psych and am very grateful for the care that I have received over many years. Simply put, they have been there for the worst times of my life and I am so blessed that they were there. Psych nursing is highly under-rated in my opinion, but I am so glad there are those who have a passion for it.
  6. by   marydc
    So nice to see this today! Thank you for your comments. In psych the thank you's seem to come few and far between. Not a reflection on the patients, but on the illnesses.
  7. by   Mish56
    Wow! It is always nice to hear thank you. Hospital stays are so short these days we rarely see people actually get "well". We help stabilize from crisis, then it's on to a IOP or PHP. Thanks for taking the time to jot us a note!
  8. by   Orca
    I am impressed that a patient would take the time to stop by a nursing forum just to say "thank you". Things like that keep us in the profession and make it worthwhile.