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Ideas for guest speakers?

  1. 0 I have just accepted a position as Director of a 80 bed in-patient program. These are chronic, mentally ill clients. The unit is located in a long term care facility and has essentially been operating as a nursing home for displaced schizophrenics, etc.
    Anyway during my interview I was asked if I could arrange to have guest speakers come in. In my eagerness to receive an offer of employment, I of course said "sure". Now as I prepare for my first day on the job, I am wondering where do I start? Any ideas on who I could get to come in and present to our clients? I am in the Northern area of NJ. I am open to any ideas....thanks
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    Check with your local mental health board or local community mental health centers....many may offer speakers to come in.
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    What type of guest speakers are you thinking of?
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    Regarding my previous question: Are you looking for someone with a psychiatric illness who is doing well to speak about how they cope with their situation? Or for speakers on topics such as healthy lifestyles, nutrition, stress management, coping with psychiatric illness, etc? Or for psychologists/psychiatrists to educate on psychiatric illness symptoms, recognizing signs of relapse, importance of med compliance, common side effects of meds, helping families understand psychiatric illnesses, etc?
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    Check out NAMI. They train advocate speakers in nearly every state.
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    Thanks for your idea. I am hoping to not only get expert speakers, but those suffering from mental illness who are willng to share would also be great.