Emergency Psychiatric Medications

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    Could someone tell me the most common medications used for psychiatric emergencies? I am guessing most of them are IM but the information I have found has been from a drug company or wikipedia and not sure I can entirely trust these sources. Thank you.
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    HA cocktail. Haldol and ativan. Antipsychotic with a sedative.
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    Quote from john146504
    HA cocktail. Haldol and ativan. Antipsychotic with a sedative.
    Often diphenhydramine (Benadryl) or benztropine (Cogentin) is included with H&A, for the sedative effects as well as to prevent EPS.

    Ziprasidone (Geodon) is often used as an emergency med.

    Oh yes...emergency psych meds are almost always given IM. They work somewhat faster when given IM (no need to worry about food slowing absorption), as well as being unable to be regurgitated if planted deep in a muscle.

    Sometimes emergency meds are offered PO, but if the situation has escalated to the point that emergency meds are needed, the time for POs has pretty much passed.
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    We use the IM Geodon most often. In more extreme instances the Haldol, Ativan and Cogentin combo.
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    On my unit (Adult psych) we use IM thorazine or IM haldol along with IM benedryl and IM ativan. I've never seen the IM geodon used, but have seen IM prolixin on occasion. Hope this helps.
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    Oh, also, if we are able to go the PO route we tend to lean towards either zyprexa zydis or thorazine.
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    thank you and thanx for clarifying what HA is (would not have got it on my own)
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    thank you - i need lots of help its a new field for me
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    So, I take it you got the job you were interviewing for?
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    ok apparently i am not smart enough for this site - I am trying to reply to all the assistance i got and my thank yous all end up at the bottom even thought i hit "reply." THEREFORE THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE. I SOOO APPRECIATE THE HELP .

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