Do you Per-Diem out of your specialty?

  1. I am a new nursing student and love the idea of possibly being a psych nurse but am fearful of being held in psych due to lack of experience in other areas. My teachers all warn me against "geting stuck" in psych.

    For those of you who work mostly in psych, do you have per-diem jobs in other areas like med-surg or ER to keep up on your skills?
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  3. by   hakunamatataRN
    I do the opposite - full-time Med/Surg, PRN psych. I love Psych and put myself in a good situation. However, I can't stand my Med/Surg job. I am thinking about moving fully to Psych...if you really love it, you'll probably have a tough time at your other job. Psych is so much less stressful than most bedside nursing (don't let Psych nurses tell you it's difficult...sure it can be stressful, but comparatively speaking, it's a piece of cake).
  4. by   SCSTxRN
    I did the prerequisite year of med/surg, which I LOVED - then got into psych - which I LOVE, and offers a set, full time schedule.. so yes, until fairly recently, I PRN'd med/surg and full timed psych. Now I'm going back for my MSN, so I dropped the PRN gig.