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  1. Well, I wrote once before, no responses yet, maybe I need to get the hang of writing better threads! So new grad opportunities are limited big time here ( surprise surprise) I would love to work with substance abuse clients, but in what setting do RN's really work with these clients? In medical detox? Methadone clinics? Some sort of community outreach? Also.... What can I do to really impress an inpatient psych facility hiring manager as a new grad? books to read? certifications? REALLY want to start in psych as a new grad and want to be as prepared as i can not to let the few job opportunities slip by
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  3. by   chevyv
    I just landed a job working for the county behavioral health. They do a lot of detoxing etc. I started on the long term care units. This is not long term care as in elderly, but those with severe mental health issues that have great difficulty controlling. No amount of meds or therapy helps long term. So, they live there. It's a place where people reside that no other place will take. I was lucky to get this job. They are pretty scarce around here.

    I interviewed and was honest. I asked a lot of questions about the different patients. I also explained that as a new nurse they could mold me into a great nurse. Be yourself! Also, I work in a dangerous environment. I would consider working Corrections because the guards are right there at all times. Where I work, I have to call security and bide my time. Good Luck to you!
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    Thank you! That sounds like an awesome job, one I would love the oppertunity to have. Thanks for the reply!