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A dissertation about HIV, substance abuse and depression?

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    I would love some input about my choice of dissertation topic. I have chosen to look at effective psychiatric nursing interventions that can be implemented in a dual diagnosis rehabilitation center to reduce anxiety and depression among HIV-infected adults?

    Has anyone got any first hand experience? What type of things can nurses do to help HIV patients with depression and addiction? I've only done a 3 month placement on a dual diagnosis locked ward.

    Would like to hear what you guys think! Thanks :-)
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    Is this graduate work?
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    I'm a third year nursing student, it's for my bachelor dissertation.
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    Sorry, but the scope of this issue seems inappropriate for an undergrad student. If this is an area of interest for you, I would suggest biting a much smaller piece of that apple and finding something that is do-able within the time frame in which you are working. Are you expected to do the actual research or just a proposal?

    If it involves actual research, you will also have to jump IRB hurdles. They may be very challenging because your focus is a patient population that is just about as vulnerable as it gets. Just this process could take months.
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