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Adult client but still has parent's insurance. Now he's depending on Medicaid and the hours aren't there! So sad and now I'm out $$$$. Clients at our agency are drying up too as insurance/medicaid is being cut and homecare... Read More

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    Being eligible for unemployment is VERY hard.
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    I had to sign a paper stating that I could not collect unemployment if there were no cases.
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    Thanks all.:redpinkhe I have never applied for unemployment. When I was hired for private duty, I sure don't remember signing any papers saying that I was not eligible for unemployment. Of course, when you first start a job they give you so many papers to sign that it is possible that I may have signed something like that and not even realized it. It would not surprise me if my agency too would lie to the employment office about me. I have not met so many liars in my life until I signed up with these different private duty agencies. If your request for unemployment is denied, do you think hiring a lawyer does any good?
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    I don't think a lawyer would do you much good as the problem is not that your agency is trying to lie and trick you but the fact that you are employed as a per diem employee and as such are not guaranteed hours. Hence you can stil be employed by your agency but not be working any hours. You are not "unemployed" just not "utilized" At any moment they could call you for work so obviously they dont want you claiming unemployment.
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    Thanks tothepointeLVN. OK. I think I get it now. I have already paid for my summer vacation. After my summer vacation, I am going to go job hunting and am going to try to get out of private duty nursing. I want a job where I will be working full time and will qualify for unemployment if things should go bad.
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    I have never signed any paper for a home health agency that stated I was ineligible for unemployment. And I have drawn unemployment when the agency failed to provide me with work for months at a time instead of weeks at a time, with the exception of when the agencies did all that lying. When the hearing took place I was already working full time and had to take my new patient on an appointment, so I didn't bother going, to point out all the lies. I told them on the phone about the lies and I felt that was good enough. I am very certain to let everyone I meet know about these agencies though. If a person can spread news about a good reputation, they can also do the opposite.
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