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I've been doing PDN for about 8 years. I recently changed offices within the same company that I've been with for just over 2 years. I changed offices to be much closer to home. The director calls... Read More

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    Ugh, I hate talking on the phone. I seldom have the quiet moment I need to listen and concentrate, and phone calls have a way of carrying on, and on... I'll take an email or text any day! Perhaps this person is from an era where there was no email, and is reluctant enter the 21st century?

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    The company I work for is very sympathetic to phone calls. They try to work everything out through email (paper-trail) and avoid calling unless it's important. If I don't answer, they leave one message (which usually doesn't require a call back) and if I need to I'll call them back, if they don't answer it goes to voicemail and they get the message when they get it. We have a 24 hour emergency phone system also, however I work the night shift as the name implies and they sure as heck wouldn't want any "late-night" calls or dumb stuff that can wait. It's about mutual respect I think.
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    I never, never answer calls from work. Before cell phone days I used an answering machine to screen my calls. Now with my cell I have the work number on a silent ring cause I never want to answer their calls. They can leave a message. If for example I WANT to work OT I will return their call, otherwise I ignore the calls. You quickly train them not to expect to be able to reach you immediatly. For the life of me I can't imagine why you ever answer her calls or return them.
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    She has backed off. I think she finally got the point. I get more emails than calls now. Still working on other job options, but things are more tolerable now.

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