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the weather and vent pt........

  1. 0 well today was a first for me. it is storming here in the south and i filled in for a vent dependent pt today. had to make sure that the extra vent, o2 tanks, suction machines, flash lights, emergency #'s and plan were right out my finger tips.

    never had to worry about this in the hospital setting, cause it is taken care of with the generators.:d

    thank goodness the power never went out and i didn't have to make any calls. each vent's battery only last 45 minutes and then i would have had to call the emt's.

    all is well, i am home and the day went ok, except for the weather scaring me out of my wits.
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    I was with a vent client one night when it was storming. The power went out, I was caught off guard. The patient was sleeping. The vent alarm did not go off and the vent did not immediately go over to battery power. In the dark I reached over and removed the vent from the patient's trach and managed not to wake him. He was ok and was breathing independently. His Dad rushed in and was like a chicken with his head cut off trying to find the emergency lighting and all. The power came back on after 40 minutes and I had a longer shift summary to write that night. Hope that never happens to me again.