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I have been a hospital staff nurse (RN) for 14 years and I am VERY burned out. I need to get into a new area of nursing and i am considering several options. (such as home health, utilization... Read More

  1. by   Merlyn
    Pros- You have one pt. Cons- you have one patient. If the patient turns out to be good and you enjoy caring for the patient, you got it made but if the patient turns out to be a monster you are in hell for 8 hours. If no one shows up to relieve you you are stuck there for another shift. You can become too close to the patient. The last patient that I had was an idiot. He watch NASCAR 8 hours a day. He would watch the cars go around and around. He was so dumb that if he was a race car driver, he would be the one that would take pit stop just to ask for directions.
    Next you are it. your help and supervisor is a phone call away but very rarely if ever they will come out. Most of the time you will work alone.
    I couldn't take the NASCAR freak so I went back to LTC
  2. by   Ellie S.
    I believe you deal with dysfunctional in families whether you are working in private duty, or a hospital setting or any setting in nursing! You might as well only have one family to deal with. I enjoyed reading your post. You are absolutely right about keeping firm boundaries, and if you fail at that, things can get WAY too out of hand! I've seen it throughout my entire nursing career.

    I am wanting to become an independent contractor, and work on private duty cases as an LPN, does anybody know if I am able to do this in MN?

    I am new to this site, if I'm not able to ask Q's on someone else's thread, I can delete this!
  3. by   Ellie S.
    Does anybody know if LPN's are allowed to do this in the state of MN??
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  4. by   Jenn55e
    Quote from Ellie S.
    Does anybody know if LPN's are allowed to do this in the state of MN??
    Try googling Minnesota private duty nurse. A site connected to the popped up:

    MHCP Provider Manual - Home Care Services - Private Duty Nursing (PDN) Services

    If you scroll down to where it says "Eligible Providers," you can find the answer to your question.

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