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It's like a bad scene out of the Nanny Diaries. There are four post-it notes on the bathroom door, all reminding me to wash my hands!(!!!) There are six on her bedroom door all stating the same: do not go in, you don't need... Read More

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    Just thought I'd update the situation:

    Heard from the noc nurse that mom thinks one of us (the three nurses on her case) stole - wait for it guys! - trach ties from her. And that some of her DVDs are missing.

    Her DVDs are missing because she doesn't put them back in the case but dumps the disks into a big box. But stealing trach ties? C'mon.

    Noc nurse says she throws out accusations like this every few months. I called the agency to go on the record stating that I did not steal trach ties or DVDs -- but the agency said that she hadn't called to say anything about stealing, so.

    I'm on the fence about asking to move off this case. I think it could get very crazy very fast with this mom -- and I know I lack the experience and backbone to handle any sort of confrontation.

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