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I am a prior PDN on the flip side of the coin with a medically fragile foster child. He is vent dependent at night and when napping. Trach, TPN dependent right now due to a recent gut shutdown normally g-j fed) IVIG infusions... Read More

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    Can I come work for you? haha Your settup sounds awesome
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    I agree! You can staff and entire month's worth of hours with just the people who responded to your post! LOL!
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    You sound like you have a very nice set-up and I think you will make any nurse happy!

    When I did PDN my primary kiddo was the son of not one but TWO doctors. They weren't too bad though and very informed so it was nice. They did yell at the infusion nurse (he got IVIG once a month) because she couldn't put in a PIV but other than that.
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    Pens! A few and then a secret stash somewhere. The couch eats them and then spits them out dead...
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