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I don't know if anybody else is going through this, but I feel like a babysitter, there is nothing else to do all day but NG tube feeding and suctioning, and then I get to sit the rest of the time... Read More

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    I live in NY city and the job market even for BSN nurses is not that promising, I have applied to more than 100 positions and only 1 interview, which did not end in a job offer. It's very hard here. As for asking for a managerial position, my agency already have nurses who do that kind of work and I doubt if they need more as its a very small agency.

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    I've worked Private Duty for about 2 years, and it can be extremely dull. Fortunately, I like to read. Most of my colleagues are in school, and appreciate the study time. One reason I'm considering a BSN is because of the plentiful downtime on my cases.
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    I did Peds PDN...mostly trach/vent cases, so there was always things to do, even on nights...I would have to untangle babies, reinsert NGTs, etc...I would've LOVED to have a full night. Most of the time, I had day cases where I went to school with my clients, or if they were homebound or too young for school, I read, painted, ROM/massage to keep them from becoming contracted or have more stiffness. One child I had lived near a park, so I would do early developmental activities, then take the child to the park, or I would take them to their appointments. I certainly never had a dull moment in PDN nursing. If I had a "calm" case, I was happy!

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