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So I have read through various threads on here about being "friends" with your patients on facebook but not from any who work in private duty. I would like to know what is your take on this issue. It... Read More

  1. by   Ms_Bee
    Kyasi-Thats a huge liability!! And what a touch situation to be involved in but I think you did very well. Your main priority was your patient and once tended to you then if needed you could tend to the mother. I agree its a very very fine line sometimes...

    PsychNurseWannaBe- Very nice and simply put!!
  2. by   Kyasi
    Just to emphasize, I no longer take care of this child or work for the agency that handles her case and have not for over 6 yrs. So any relationship I now have with mom is completely outside of any policy/agency constraints. She does live in another city but we do try to get together once a year or so. I never socialized or went anywhere with her during the many years I was employed and her child was my patient. So I'm not sure where the huge liability is?? Also, to clarify, I made sure the clinical director of the agency was aware of the issues in the home and although I was supportive of her mother, if I thought the patient was being neglected in any way during her crisis, I would have reported that.
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  3. by   LevitateMe
    Absofreakinlutely not! My patients mom and sisters sit on fb all day and when they ask me if I have a fb I just say no. I also keep my fb private without a terribly recognizable picture, but even if I got a request I doesn't want I would just not respond and if they asked I would just tell them its not mine our the truth that I keep my fb just for personal friends. I can't see any scenario where that would be a good idea. Imo
  4. by   Ms_Bee
    Kyasi- The liability I was talking about was about transporting the patient...
  5. by   Kyasi
    Oh, got you. Thanks for clarifying Ms Bee.

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