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So I have read through various threads on here about being "friends" with your patients on facebook but not from any who work in private duty. I would like to know what is your take on this issue. It my opinion the situation is a... Read More

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    It's a fine line. I took care of one child from the time she was born until about age 8. That was the case I was referring to when I mentioned transporting the child. One nurse on that case often took the child for weekends at her own home and transported her. (12 hr shift paid for by the agency, 12 hr at night unpaid) Can you imagine the liability if something had happened to that child in transport or at her home off the clock?

    The relationship I had w/ the mom was a friendship although we didn't hang out together. I was a support person to her when her marriage failed. One day I came to the home for my shift and found the mother w/ the divorce papers that had been served hours earlier, clutched in her hands, and she was crumbled on the floor in a catatonic state. Her daughter was crying and needed a diaper change. So I tended to my patient first, calmed her down, started a feeding and then put my arms around her mother and let her sob in my arms. I couldn't not help her in her time of need. Was it crossing the line? Maybe. I considered that in helping mom, I was indirectly helping my patient also. But despite how well we knew each other, she knew I'd never not follow the agencies policies in the care I provided for her daughter and she never asked me to. I don't work for the agency anymore and I'm still a friend of the mother. She is in a different town and we meet for dinner occasionally, and she is my Facebook friend. Someday, when I don't work full time or when I retire, I intend to care for her daughter, so mom and her husband (they worked it out and got back together) can go on their first ever vacation. But now I can do it without compromising my professional standards. As I said, it's a fine line and there are no easy answers.

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    Its simple for me... it a nurse-patient relationship. It is therapeutic relationship. I am not your friend... I am your nurse. I can and will be friendly, but do not expect me to be your BFF. Once that happens.... objectivity can be lost.
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    Bad idea. Plain and simple.

    However, there is one situation I could see that would be an exception. Say you took care of a patient for a few years a long time ago. You and the family live near each other. At some point you run in to each other years later, maybe while participating in a hobby or something. You then become friends. Then I could see it being possible to "friend" them. But at that point there would be no professional relationship or potential for it to reoccur.
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    Kyasi-Thats a huge liability!! And what a touch situation to be involved in but I think you did very well. Your main priority was your patient and once tended to you then if needed you could tend to the mother. I agree its a very very fine line sometimes...

    PsychNurseWannaBe- Very nice and simply put!!
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    Just to emphasize, I no longer take care of this child or work for the agency that handles her case and have not for over 6 yrs. So any relationship I now have with mom is completely outside of any policy/agency constraints. She does live in another city but we do try to get together once a year or so. I never socialized or went anywhere with her during the many years I was employed and her child was my patient. So I'm not sure where the huge liability is?? Also, to clarify, I made sure the clinical director of the agency was aware of the issues in the home and although I was supportive of her mother, if I thought the patient was being neglected in any way during her crisis, I would have reported that.
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    Absofreakinlutely not! My patients mom and sisters sit on fb all day and when they ask me if I have a fb I just say no. I also keep my fb private without a terribly recognizable picture, but even if I got a request I doesn't want I would just not respond and if they asked I would just tell them its not mine our the truth that I keep my fb just for personal friends. I can't see any scenario where that would be a good idea. Imo
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    Kyasi- The liability I was talking about was about transporting the patient...
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    Oh, got you. Thanks for clarifying Ms Bee.

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