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I live in CT, and I would like to know if anyone has had any experince with Maxim? Good or bad, would like to know...... thx... Read More

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    Quote from ArwenEvenstar
    If I did not work for Maxim myself for 2 yrs, I would have a hard time believing this! But I did, so i do!! I was "harassed" by Maxim too. For example, they would call me MULTIPLE times about the SAME shift. But if i am not available, I am not available. Asking me 5 times is not going to change my answer!! I could give so many examples of highly unprofessional and discourteous behavior.

    By the way, negative post threads about Maxim are disappearing. One did today. And several old post threads about Maxim are "gone" too. One of the threads in particular had invaluable insights from many nurses from all over the USA with similar concerns and complaints about Maxim.

    There seems to be censorship going on!!

    What happened to free speech?

    There is a difference between libel or an attack, and simply sharing your honest experience. Many nurses have had not-so-good experiences with Maxim. Can this not be shared? Or can we only say wonderful and great things?

    I speak up BECAUSE I do not want other nurses to go through the nightmare and frustration that I did working for Maxim. Or so that they can at least go into it with their eyes wide open. I walked in blind. My experience with Maxim might not have been quite so bad if I had known some things ahead of time. For example, it is helpful to know how their offices are run - by young men in their early 20's with sales/marketing degrees. Or if I'd been told ahead of time to put all schedule requests in WRITING, because confusion and disorganization and schedule mix-ups were common place. If I'd understood the system to begin with, I could have dealt with some things differently to start with.

    Lets see if this post disappears now.

    I have noticed on several other employer review sites that similar things are happening - negative things on Maxim are disappearing, or posts are being made to defend Maxim and counteract the bad reviews. Makes me wonder if Maxim is behind this? ARE they putting pressure on various sites to keep negative things off???
    Maxim Healthcare has an extensive and prominent legal department. Apparently it is branching out from patient care litigation duties.
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    I know that Maxim is not a great company to work for; however, I can not afford to be choosy, anymore. I think that I may consider checking them out, again. I will not take a case that I am uncomfortable with and will get a schedule in writing. I am only looking for two or three days a week. We had a 60% drop in our income. But, I still need a flexible schedule. And, caller ID is great!

    If it doesn't work out, maybe I will check out some temp agencies, or Walmart. Perhaps, I should wait until flu shot season is over. I think Maxim will always be there.
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    I may have discovered the reason this thread has not disappeared (yet at least!). The title of the thread is mis-spelled as "Maxin". So maybe it is evading some searches by the powers that be.

    Maybe that is the key - refer to Maxim as Maxin! Spread the word nurses! haha.
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    Yes there is a lot lost when one can't speak freely unless politically correct. Or maybe Maxine!
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    Quote from caliotter3
    You mean all that orientation I have done for no pay could have been at minimum wage?
    I was thinking that too! Of course once I got enough nursing experience I just choose to work a full first shift I ended up getting orientated by the parents anyways and still got paid for my efforts.

    BTW did anyone see that episode of undercover boss that was about a nursing agency? The CEO was "shocked" that their company was making the clients orientate their employees and that some nurses did get 40 hours of work. Maybe we should all work there lol
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    No, you don't want to deal with BrightStar. I went to the local office to apply when they listed their LVN pay at several dollars higher, and was totally turned off. But maybe that is only that office. However, I see that they have gone through several nurse directors since opening, a bad sign.
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    What turned you off exactly? Of course this is all still academic since I'm not cleared to return to work yet.
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    Maxim update, straight from the FBI:

    "Maxim Healthcare Services Charged with Fraud, Agrees to Pay Approximately $150 Million, Enact Reforms After False Billings Revealed as Common Practice"

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