ltv 950 vents

  1. Hello I have a question about the vents. If the child is on volume control with the tidal volume being 100, and she has orders for 1 ml h2o in th e balloon of the trach, yet the Ve on display reads only 35,can we inflate the cuff with 1.5 ml h2o even though orders state 1 ml?
    The vent isn't alarming but I don't feel comfortable overinflating the balloon,but all the other nurses do it and mom does too. It appears as if their is a leak.

    Also,al lot of children have the vent on at night only. During the day when they are on the trach collar or the thermovents a lot of secretiojs come up. One Rt said that the vents push the secretions down during the night,and that when they are off they come up.
    However,another Rt said the vents push the secretions out which is why we have to suction a lot of nasal secretions when they are on the vents.. who is right?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I have overinflated the balloon before at the request of the patient with no problems. But I think the RT should be consulted for a better solution. And I go with the RT who says the secretions pool at night, I have been told that before. It really doesn't matter, we still have to suction the secretions when they appear.
  4. by   liveyourlife747
    I've been told the secretions usually get pushed up and out the nose/mouth when the client is on the vent and awake, but for when the client is asleep, I would agree that either the secretions pool or they are just very minimal. Each RT is going to have a different opinion on the matter.