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:d i have to let it be known, i loved my first week as a private duty nurse! after only one day of training, i had my routine down and could not belive how well it went. i had had time to sit and talk with my pt, make him... Read More

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    Quote from iwanna
    I appreciate it, too! I am going to orientation next Tuesday. It is a Maxim Agency. I have five years experience in Behavioral Health and no med-surg experience. I did just complete a refresher course. I will not take any cases that I feel uncomfortable with. I am confident with my assessment skills. But, I wil check out cases, and hope they have a good fit for me. And, I have no clue what the pay is yet. We did not discuss that yet. Any clues as to what the rate would be for PD in Northeast Ohio area?
    For RN's, typical PD pay would be $18 to $22/hour depending on where in the country you are located. I make right in the middle. Yes, it is a major paycut from the hospital but as a burned out hospital nurse I had had it. It is nice to have only one patient! Although there are some unique stressors to PD, it is totally different than the hospital! A refreshing change! I could never work in a hospital again - I ran from the bedside screaming! haha! I have worked through two agencies now. First was a "mom and pop" place that was bought out by a national company. Now I work for Maxim. I can say both good and bad about Maxim. There is no perfect place to work...

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    right now my pay as a lpn is 19.00 hr, almost 2x what i got paid on a busy med/surge floor with 6-9 pts. in the hospital setting less pay more work and pts, pdn more pay, less work and only one pt, so now you can understand why i chose this route.:d

    i was getting very burned out at the hospital after 5 years of nights and so many pts. was hating to go to work, was mad all the time, cause i was trying my best to provide the best care to my pts was unable due to a number of factors, staffing, sicker pts, etc, etc, etc.

    i agree, maxim has it good and bads just like any other job. but my health and sanity are so much better now. also i get to set my hours and days i work.

    like now, i am working but my pt is still sleeping with mom and dad behind closed doors. i never know what time she wakes up, some days 8:30 am and other days 1300, depends on the night she had. now if i were at the hospital right now, no way i could be on my laptop .:typing
    so this is soooooooo much better and i get to retain my skills and work with out all the other crap !
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    Wow, I would be estatic if I could make $19 hr. I am an LPN, and my part of the world is the lower paying side. I live on the PA/OH border. When I interviewed for LTC in PA the pay rate was $13 starting. In OH, I think LTC starts about $15-16 an hr. The hospital is $14 hr. So, my guesstimate would be about $12-14 with Maxim.
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    Quote from iwanna
    wow, i would be estatic if i could make $19 hr. i am an lpn, and my part of the world is the lower paying side. i live on the pa/oh border. when i interviewed for ltc in pa the pay rate was $13 starting. in oh, i think ltc starts about $15-16 an hr. the hospital is $14 hr. so, my guesstimate would be about $12-14 with maxim.
    i live in the deep south and in this area lpn's at snf make 10.50-12.00 starting pay and the same at hospitals. about the most a lpn makes is 13.00-14.00 and that is with 5+ yrs experience. one might make 15.00-16.00 including shift difs if you work night shifts, which means more pts and more work!
    so yes i am very happy to make what i make now! also anything over 40hrs i get over time pay and i get in anywhere from 50-60hrs a week. my current client is authorized 70hrs a week and i can work all 70 if i want too.

    also with maxim here pays depends on your experience and the pt's case.
    good luck!
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    I guess that every Maxim agency is so different in the pay rates. I get that pay rates differ in what type of nursing you are in. I was making $16 an hr. for LPN psych hospital job, but that was after being there for four years. I started at $12 hr. I interviewed at LTC in PA and starting rate was $13 hr.

    I have five years experience in Mental Health. I have not med-surg experience. But, I did work geri-psych. So, I guess for Maxim, it would be considered entry level, since I have no med-surg experience.

    Oh well, I will see. I am looking at the whole picture here. I can take less pay for awhile, as I am on disability for several months. I will continue to receive what I get, if I work at least 24 hrs. a week. Also, I am applying at a local nursing home. I know that it would be very rough, but I feel that I would learn more skills. I think that it really depends on your "nursing team". When I worked geri-psych, we had a great team and all worked together. I just hope the place that I am applying to, has a good team. As I am in remission mode of my illness(sarcoidosis), I need to get plenty of rest to stay this way. Meanwhile, I am checking out Maxim.

    Nursehobbit, you are saying that you are getting paid more than you were in the hospital or LTC? I thought that Maxim paid less than other areas of nursing. Or, is this a case where they are all different?
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    nursehobbit, you are saying that you are getting paid more than you were in the hospital or ltc? i thought that maxim paid less than other areas of nursing. or, is this a case where they are all different?[/quote]

    yes!:d iam making more with maxim than i ever did with ltc or hospital nursing. one of the many reasons i left those areas.

    new grad lpn"s here only start out at 10.50 in the local hospitals and those that have 3+ yrs only start out at the rate of 14-16.00. usually they have to start on night shifts and might make 17.00 at the most with shift difs.

    since you only want to work about 24hrs a week, pdn seems the way to go.

    pm me and we can discuss more!
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    happy for for my case, im enjoying my work as a pdn as well, for i can manage my sched, unlike in the hospitals... but im working 12 hours/shift, 5 days a week.... and the family doesn't pay us well... lower than the usual or standard fee for pdn... im looking for possible openings right now...
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    Lori P
    Where are you in texas? im from the rgv and the pay for PD is around 17-20/hr depending on case (vent pt) and differentials. Is that around what you're getting? You don't need to share specifics if you don't want to, but just a ballpark figure.

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