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  1. Okay, so I posted a week ago about losing my first LPN job, I have a background in pediatrics, so anyways I got a job doing home care my problem is I have yet to do orientation because I haven't gotten a client yet, I met my first potential client yesterday and it turns out that it wasn't going to be a good fit, which honestly is fine, I visited a second potential client today, I'm praying that it works out, I had good vibes... My question is, when I meet a potential new client is there anything I should do to make myself appealing to the clients parents or guardian? I'm still feeling wounded from losing my first job and I'm trying to redeem myself and my self confidence any advice would be helpful in getting into home care Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   SuzieVN
    Quote from petluvr
    I met my first potential client yesterday and it turns out that it wasn't going to be a good fit
    Please elaborate?
  4. by   petluvr
    I think it was mainly a distance issue, I would be 45 mins away and she expects someone to come at the drop of a hat if need be
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    Hi..moved your post to our > Private Duty Nursing forum for best chance advice.
  6. by   urbanngrrl_hello
    Private Duty Nursing, which is what it sounds like from your description and the Admin's post redirection, is different from LTC where you were working and very different from (Medicare) Home Care. That really needs to be clarified for appropriate advice. Are you to be doing skilled nursing visits for a Medicare approved agency, or working private duty for a chronically ill peds patient?

    Since you are doing what seems to be meet and greet with clients and were hired after a frank discussion of negative prior employment incident I guess the agency you are working with has clients and could use you. Great news. But the ONLY way you get and stay employed in Private Duty is by having family members and guardians LOVE you. You need to make yourself likable and make the impression you will give 110% to the client with no other restrictions. Talking about mileage and other commitments in your life are obstacles to getting hired. Who's idea was it that this first case wasn't a good fit, yours or the agency?

    In a minute I'd say to makeyourself appealing to the clients parents or guardian say very little. Listen to what the salesperson who is sending you to the case says then repeat it. This is a sales call not a nursing visit regardless if the people accompanying you have RN, BSN after their names. Make a visible emotional bond with the potential client praise how well he or she is currently cared for and what a great job everyone is doing. Then be quiet unless asked a direct question.
  7. by   Tired_Mommy
    Just be yourself and be honest...if hired, you will be spending a large amount of time with the family and it would be awful to be fired later on because you aren't who you seemed to be in the initial meeting. I wouldn't go into too much detail about reasons for leaving the other job...that's not really their business and it can make them judge you needlessly.

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