How does a CNA get a private duty case in NC?

  1. I currently work in longterm care with 6 years experience right out of highschool and I am BURNT OUT I hear about cna's working in private duty cases and make way more money than I do etc. I just don't know how to go about finding one. What don't I know? I live near the Greensboro area in NC. Also what is getting certified in medicare/medicaid care? Any help or point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I REALLY REALLy want a good paying private duty case.
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  3. by   SDALPN
    Lots of agencies hire CNA's for private duty. Pretty much all of them require a minimum of a year of experience. But sounds like you are way beyond that. You don't have to be certified by medicaid/medicare if you go through an agency. They handle paychecks, taxes, training, etc. All you do is work a schedule "of your choice", turn in your notes/records, get paid. I also see people posting on Craigslist looking for CNA's (and even nurses) to care for their family. Some of them are searching for caregivers on their own and then have them go through an agency. Others are paying directly. No need to deal with the medicare/m'caid hassle. Also check out They have a healthcare/caregiver section for aides and nurses. A lot of times on both of the sites I mentioned, they post the pay up front which helps weed out the cheapskates.

    If you still want to be a certified provider and deal with insurance there are others that can explain that better than I can. I just think its too much of a hassle. There is tons of info on that too if you do a search for it on here too.

    Good luck!
  4. by   caliotter3
    The easiest way to start out is to go through an agency and let them do the legwork for you. Then you can also start responding to ads placed by individuals in the paper and on employment websites, once you have some experience and have an idea how working in the home fits in with your workstyle. Down the line you may want to go through the trouble of getting your own provider numbers so you can do direct billing. No experience there, you can find threads and posts about the process in the home health and private duty forums.