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I talked to a 60 year old CNA last week. She said she had been ill but had recovered. She said that she is a foster parent for a child with medical problems. She said that they pay her to take care of the child. She acted like... Read More

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    I actually just worked a DYFS case last week, the child who was in foster care had medical issues. The social worker did say that foster parents get good money for each child they take in, they get even more money if a child has medical needs.
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    Yes, foster parents get paid. It varies widely from state to state and is supposed to pay for certain things. I can tell you that we got $1390/month for our son while he was in foster care. We averaged about $500/month for medical supplies that insurance didn't cover. About $100/month went for electricity for running a ventilator 24/7, charging a back-up vent, charging a marine battery, charging lithium batteries, running a suction machine, charging the other suction machine, running the t-pump 24/7, running the nebulizer, running the Vest, running an oxygen compressor 24/7, lights, running the electric hospital bed and air mattress. Our wheelchair van got about 1 mile to the gallon. Okay, not really that bad but it's really only about 9 miles to the gallon. Clothing and books are supposed to come from that subsidy as well. His formula was covered by insurance but any extra formula (like when the nurse spilled the whole day's worth) had to be paid for and we used his money for that. We used $200/month to pay down the huge co-pay we had for his electric hospital bed. And we tried to save $400/month in a special account in case anything happened to one of us or he outlived both of us. We ended up using all of that money to pay for part of his funeral. So anyone that thinks that we make money doing this is sadly mistaken.

    Are there ridiculous parents and social workers out there? Yes, there are. I know of a family that has so many foster children and adopted special needs children that they make in ONE MONTH what an average middle class family makes in a YEAR.

    I firmly believe that the number of immobile children should be equal to the number of adults in the home. If there are two parents and a live-in grandparent, than I would be okay with 3. But I would NEVER take three kids that are unable to fend for themselves when there is only my hubby and me here.

    Foster care rates are public information and you can find them out for the state you live in s well as what therapeutic or treatment rates are and how your states classify children into types of foster care (basic, medical, therapeutic, specialized, etc.).
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