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I am just starting out in PDN. I am working on my own (not with an agency) in Wisconsin. Do you have to provide (make up) your own forms to chart on or does the state provide them? Anyone willing... Read More

  1. by   TamRichRN
    I am also in Wisconsin and is interested in private duty nursing. I just received my NPI number and certification through Medicaid. I am so new to this area and really need to network with other PDN's. What is my next step in finding clients? and can someone please send me a copy of forms they use for documentation? I am also planning on joining Professional Homecare Providers. My email is Thanks so much!!
  2. by   GoNightingale
    Quote from BillyMae
    A great resource/support group for private-duty nurses in the state of WI. is PHP (professional homecare providers association)
    It cost only $50.00 annually to join. You can call or email anytime with questions or concerns. And, they have an annual convention in the Fall, with CPR and vent re-certification classes also available (extra cost) of course. Welcome to PDN !!! I love it and wouldn't do anything else now Good luck !
    Great input! Do you know if this organization is national? I'm in Florida.

  3. by   BillyMae
    No, only for WI. but Florida may have their own.
  4. by   WI_home_RN
    I have two peds patients and one adult vent patient. My nursing notes forms for both are extremely similar. Do you still need something to look at? I'm willing to share what I use. What about forms for chart notes, i.e. medication records, hygiene, maintenance, vitals, I/O, etc?

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