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Hi, i just recently became a private duty nurse in NY, Since i've just got approved by medicaid and i already have my npi, does that mean i can only bill medicaid and not any other insurance... Read More

  1. by   oksukr
    I am an independent Medicaid provider in NYS. On the cases that I work we keep only a note book with our notes. But one of the nurses mentioned that she made her own flow sheets. Can you please send me your choices of nurse notes, vent and non-vent so that I will have an example and, perhaps, can create mine.
  2. by   kids
    You'll need to create your own forms or purchase pre-printed forms.
  3. by   nyzwanted
    The thing is that some states have posted forms for private duty nurses on the health department website, but NY does not have those forms on their health department website. I am sure that most PDN's don't buy the forms, because most of them are not what you need, thats only junk. The problem is that i can't find the forms i need in the state of NY, and i tried looking but no luck!!! I do know the names of which forms i need, anywhere i call, nobody has any clue what is Private Duty Nursing,