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Agencies in San Jose/Bay Area, CA?

  1. 0 I already posted this in the CA section as well! Just wondering if any of you fellow LVN's know of any reputable agencies located in the San Jose area in CA? Any suggestions would be appreciated! (other than Maxim)

    Thanks in advance!
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    Your post says it all as far as referrals go.
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    I would LOVE to recommend an excellent agency in the San Jose/Bay Area. I used to work for Maxim, and stumbled upon an agency in San Jose (it's actually based in Orangevale/Sacramento area, but they are branching out down here). It's called "Always Home Professional Nursing Service." Let me tell you....totally different from Maxim. They are family owned, and the nursing/staffing team really cares about you and is very involved. There's a facility on Lincoln Avenue in San Jose called "My Friends Pediatric Day Healthcare" (the same owners as Always Home). Let me know if you want more info about either one of these places (just google "Always Home Nurisng Agency" and it should be the first on the list). Also google "My Friends Pediatric" and that will come up as first on the list as well.

    Hope this helps b/c I know what you mean....I'm so glad I found them!
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    Thanks for sharing but kinda sad that they dun use CNA, just for RN & LVN only. I guess I have to wait til I'm a nurse inorder to apply here then.
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    When you have a chance, can you pm me? I wanted to ask you about school nursing with an agency. Thanks in advance!
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    Hi BA.LVN,

    I realize that I cannot send pm's. Do you mind if I add your aim and im you instead? thanks in advance!!