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Where do I began....Well after graduating HS in 2008 I enrolled at my local community college in Pensacola FL. Clueless as to what I wanted to major in I choose nursing because everyone convinced me... Read More

  1. by   collegegirl209
    The feedback that I've received (also as a single mom) is to stick it out and get the degree. A LPN route would be good too, but make sure the program doesn't cost tons of $$ and it is through a community college, not a for-profit school (because of the cost). You should be able to complete the pre-reqs to get into a ADN program in a few semesters.

    I personally decided against a local LVN (private, for-profit) because it was way too expensive. Also I had a lot of people in the field advising me against it. My community college has a LVN program and it is legit and cheap, but they only admit once a year. I decided to stick it out and finish up my pre-reqs to get into either the ADN or BSN, whatever I get into 1st.

    I'd like to work in the field while going to school, but there aren't enough options for that here. Until then, I'll be waiting tables. It's rough as a single mom without a 2nd income, but you can do it. There's always a way. Let us know how things are going for you.
  2. by   PghRN30
    Quote from antajshalakiag
    Im not eligible for FA . I've tried every years since I gradutated HS and got nothing. My papa makes too much money. I really wish I could do that and save my GI Bill for later like you said.
    You should be eligable now. Once you have a child of your own you are not a dependent to your are a head of household with a dependent of your own(even if you live with your parents)...same as if you got married at longer dependent. Be thankful for your parents help, and do whatever works out best, but you should be eligable for financial aid, and likey substidised day care for your child as well for while you are in school.....look into every option. I would suggest trying to get RN, especially since you do have your parents support through this, but if you would rather do LPN to be able to get into the work force a bit faster and then bridge later on, that is definitly an option. If you were looking at doing lpn and then RN bridge right away, you are probably better off just doing an RN program from the start.
  3. by   collegegirl209
    I was thinking that too! She should be considered indep. now that she is a parent and unmarried. Her parents' income should not be a consideration at all.
  4. by   pope6974
    I would suggest you to retake the classes at a community college; it shows how determined you are to become a nurse! You will definately will be eligible for grants and loans when the time comes.

  5. by   hopefulstudent12
    Not trying to get into your business but do you work? If you work you can file your own taxes independently of your parents even if you are living with them. You just wouldn't be able to claim head of household I think. If you're working and paying your own bills that wouldn't be a lie, even if you are living with them. This would make you eligible for the money you need to finish school because on your FAFSA you would be an independent student with a dependent and no lies were told. Unless this wouldn't work for insurance or GI Bill purposes.

    There are so many ways to reach your goal that it becomes confusing. You can become an LPN or a Patient Care Tech and pay for your BSN or ADN through employer scholarships or reimbursement. Even looking into ROTC or serving as a Reservist is an option you may want to consider.