Would like more information about becoming a nurse. Would like more information about becoming a nurse. | allnurses

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Would like more information about becoming a nurse.

  1. 2 Hi! I'm still young, a sophmore in high school, but I would really love to become a nurse when I get out of high school! I want to eventually become an RNC-OB, and I have looked up a lot of stuff about it. I am going to go into the nursing career program at my school next year to make sure it's what I want to be. I have my heart set on it though, so I don't think I will back out of it. Anyways, I would like if maybe a nurse could give me a little guidance in what I should be doing now and in the future to one day become an RNC-OB. I can use any advice I can get! Thank you!!
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    It sounds like you are on the right path by going through the program at your high school! Good luck!
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    This would be a great time to try to volunteer at a facility, its a great way to meet and learn from people working in nursing. Later you can try to get a mentor to shadow on the job to see what they do.
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    When I was in high school I volunteered at the hospital in my town.
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    It seems like you are very dedicated to your career and profession as a future nurse. As long as I remember I have wanted to be a nurse as well and now that I work in a hospital as a CNA I have so much respect for what nurses do. I wish the same experience for you, maybe you could find a position in a hospital to shadow a nurse for a shift or so. It is really amazing how much nurses do and deal with on a daily basis from every specialty.