Wonderlic sle testing

  1. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS TEST? I took my ktp and passed it the first time with high scores but I can not pass the wonderlic to save my life. I am currently applying to kaplan and I'm on my last try for the wonderlic...any tricks, suggestions, study material...please help
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  3. by   Jujubees
    I think it's mostly about thinking quickly. I did well on this test and here's what I did. If I didn't know the answer to the question within a few seconds of reading the whole thing I moved on. You can go back at the end so get all the easy ones done first. Then if you have time at the end you can go back so don't worry about skipping. Also, read the questions carefully because if you misunderstand the question it could make the difference between two answers. Good luck!
  4. by   HeatherMax
    I had to take it today before the school I was looking at would talk to me about my schooling options with them. They were looking for at least a 16, it is kind of like a mini SAT. To get into the LPN program there they wanted you to get at least a 24, different programs had different minimums.