Will I get into my school? Will I get into my school? | allnurses

Will I get into my school?

  1. 0 Hello Everyone! I am in the process of finishing my application for nursing school in the fall. My school only looks at the reading/writing/grammar section of the HESI, which I got a 92% on. They require a 2.5 on the 5 required pre-reqs, I ended up with a 3.3. And they also look for previous health care experience, I'm currently working at a hospital as a CNA. So I'm curious as to if they will except me. What do you all think! By the way, my school is Ft. Morgan CC in CO.

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    Magic 8 ball says.....

    Seriously. How are the other applications? But your numbers look good.
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    your stats are great, how competitive is the program your applying to?
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    Don't know how competitive your program is, but I would feel pretty confident if I were you! Good Luck