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Hello Everybody! I have been using this site as a tool for years now, but didn't make my own account until today. I'm 21 years old and living in NYC. I recently applied to SUNY Stony Brook and I'm... Read More

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    Your story is very inspiring and tells me something very important about you...you have drive and passion & that will take you a long way in anything you decide to pursue in life. I think you have nothing to worry about. You've worked hard to get where you are and you CAN do this. Just believe that you can and remember to not be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Also, what someone suggested about getting some books in advance and starting to familiarize yourself with the material BEFORE you take the sciences that you are unsure of will help you. That's actually what I plan on doing because science and math are not my strongest subjects but I have leaned that I can do well in them if I give myself extra time to learn the material and read, practice, read and practice until the material is etched in my brain.

    Also what helps me ALOT is audio recording my lectures in classes I am struggling with, so as I am going over my notes later when I am studying, I can also reflect back to the audio recording of the lecture.You might try that as well to help you along.

    Good luck to you! You CAN do this!
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    Thank you to everybody for the inspiring words and advice! Sorry I haven't got a chance to get on here in a while.

    So, my girlfriend ( the girl from the story) went to Maryland to see her family for a few weeks, and I now have no math tutor. I took online classes this semester, so it's pretty much me teaching meself. I spent literally 4 hours on three simple math problems,but it felt awesome after I figured it all out with out any feedback from anyone. I don't believe it was even hard math, just took me longer than most to grasp some concepts. I've been watching Youtube Videos and that's been helping. A few of my close friends love chemistry and they have been writing me up notes and such. I'm not half as worried as I was at first!

    I should get my letter from SB any day now and I can't wait to start getting my hands dirty!
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    Woot !!
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    A little update for anyone interested! Just got my acceptance letter from Stony Brook. I sent in my housing deposit just barely, and I'm just waiting on my financial-aid package! Getting a little stresses but excited!
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    You sound so resilient and strong, and that counts for quite a bit in nursing and in life! I really admire you for the way you've overcome these challenges so far, and your experiences seem to say that you'll be OK no matter what comes up next.

    Take a science class or two and see what happens. You probably have to start with Bio 101 anyway, which should be a fairly basic class to see how you'll do with it. Remember, everyone around you is struggling, but you can be confident because you've already proven that you can learn some hard material in less than ideal circumstances. That will take your farther than you think. If classes are difficult, there is never any shame in asking a professor for extra help; that's what they are there for! Also, at most schools, there should be a learning assistance center or some other office that will set you up with a tutor. I needed that to get through my math classes alive, and I know it's the saving grace for a lot of other students taking the sciences.

    Go for it, and good luck to you!
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    Thank you, guys! So,I just got off the phone with an adviser... Apparently before you take chemistry at stony brook you have to complete calculus? Yikes! I've never even taken pre-cal. I had an idea, however. During the summer I plan on taking classes. I'm eligible to take chemistry at a local community college. I am thinking I can make sure that chemistry reaches Stony Brook's requirements and I can skip calculus and chemistry at Stony brook. I was panning on taking chemistry over the summer alone anyway. Any thoughts?
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    Sounds good and that is super weird about calc. For physics yes , chem no. And I have taken classes a t 9 different places in my time !
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    I found the calculus thing weird, too. Anyway, I am not taking any math courses this semesters, just some basic pre-req classes that are required for the Nursing program. This summer, however, I am taking chemistry and pre-calc! If you transfer over pre-calc you dont have to take the placement test at Stony Brook. I don't want to have to take a math assessment because I know I will not be placed in calculus, but feel I will do just fine in the course. Since I am transferring over chemistry, I will not have to take calculus as a pre-req. I am thinking of doing this at Nassau Community College over the summer. It will be tough, but I think it will be worth it--plus it will speed up the whole process.

    What do you guys think?
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    I think you are on a great path and have a bright future ! Just remember to stop and smell the roses so you don't get too stressed !
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    So, I was enrolled in classes, I was going to start on the 26th, but ]unfortunately a[FONT=lucida grande]fter a very long process, I will not be able to attend Stony Brook after all due to complications with instate residency and so on.In order to attend, i have to pay 9000 dollars out of my pocket by feb 15. My only other option is a Parent Plus Loan, but my mother has horrible credit and actually is in trouble for not paying her taxes or something.

    It is a real heart breaker since I felt extremely ambitious and excited to attend, but nonetheless, I am determined to not let time and circumstances make me lazy. I will make it work some other way, I suppose. Hopefully it is not to late to register for some classes at a community college.

    Bleh! what a blow to the head!

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