Which nursing programs should I be applying to?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I plan to enter a nursing program next year after I finish all of my pre-reqs. I am looking at the different programs (ABSN, Masters entry, 2 year BSN, ect...) and I honestly have no idea which programs I would be a competitive applicant for. I don't want to apply to all top schools, just to find out after the fact that I had no shot, nor do I want to apply for associate degrees in nursing, when I could have been admitted to a BSN degree.

    A little about me: 2011 college graduate. Joined Teach for America after college and have been teaching high school chemistry and human anatomy in an under-served urban area. I have my CNA, and have 500+ hours of patient interaction. I graduated with a degree in Biochemistry from a top liberal arts college. My GPA was a 3.07, but my prereq GPA is 3.5. My ACT is a 29, and my GRE scores are in the low 60 percentile.

    I have a lot of volunteer experience in the community, and good recs. I'm also male, if it makes a difference. Do I have a chance at a ABSN program or Masters entry program, or should I focus my efforts on ADN or traditional BSN degrees? Thanks for any guidance you can provide!
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  3. by   WoundedBird
    I would try for the grad entry masters program. I just got into one with slightly higher GPAs (3.3 overall and 4.0 pre-req) but lower GRE percentile (40th). I have a medical background in athletic training but nowhere near your volunteer experience so that's and additional thing you've got going for you.
  4. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    I would encourage you to apply for a few programs at both levels --- Master's Entry as well as ABSN. No school weighs admissions criteria in precisely the same manner, and I can imagine that you would be competitive at programs at both levels. A key factor will be your essays and any interview to discuss what has led you to nursing and to the program at University X in particular.