Which nursing program?

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I finished my prereqs with GPA 3.9 & I am looking for a nursing program in Illinois to get my BSN, but I don't know which one to choose,I feel lost......Any recommendations/suggestions?

    Thanks for your help.
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  3. by   Devon Rex

    First ensure the institution you pick is accredited by NLNAC. Go to this webpage and search for those schools in your state:

    NLNAC Accredited Nursing Programs

    Then visit their websites to compare programs, pre-requisites, locations, tuition costs, etc.

    Hope this helps! Have a happy and safe New Year!!
  4. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    The NLN website is a great start, but it is only one of the accreditation agencies. There is also the Commission for Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) that accredits BSN programs).

    If you are looking for a BSN program in Illinois, I also recommend looking at the search tool for the American Association of Colleges of Nursing at American Association of Colleges of Nursing | Nursing Program Search. Select BSN and Illinios, and then press search. This search tool is good for all programs at the BSN level and above; it does not list associate degree or diploma programs.