which class to take??

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    I want to take a one credit seminar, it lasts about a month. I'm choosing between geriatric nutrition or ethics in mental health & psychological treatment.

    I have a degree in psych and eventually want to be a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Which one do you think would be best? Also which one looks better on a nursing school application?

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    If you want to be a psych nurse, then the ethics class sounds like it will be a better fit for you.
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    As far as nursing school apps, I don't think one would look necessarily look "better" than the other. Different programs have different requirements for admission... some look at overall GPA, some just nursing pre-req GPA, some use a point system, etc. I am assuming that neither is a prereq for any program you may be applying to. If you are confident you want to work in psych (which with a psych degree, I'm sure you have done your research), I would agree with the PP to take the ethics class.

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