Where do you suggest that I go from here?

  1. For the past 3.5 years, I have been an Army wife who has transferred from multiple colleges along the way. My husband and I are guaranteed to be at his current duty station until March of 2015. Due to his past with the Military, he cannot be deployed or stationed some where else. So, the stability is now nice. I am currently finishing a semester in school now and have three weeks left to go. I am also pregnant and due on August 4th. Any schooling after this semester will have to be put off until January of 2014 (Spring Semester). Now, I am trying to weigh my nursing options for then though. Any advice would be extremely helpful!

    Here are the credits that I have at the end of this semester...
    1. English 101 (3 Credits)
    2. English 102 (3 Credits)
    3. Psychology 101 (3 Credits)
    4. Sociology 101 (3 Credits)
    5. General Biology (5 Credits)
    6. Ethics 101 (3 Credits)
    7. Interpersonal Communications (3 Credits)
    8. Intermediate Algebra (3 Credits)
    9. CIS/Applied Computer Technology (3 Credits)
    10. Anatomy & Physiology 101 and 102 (8 Credits)
    11. Nutrition (3 Credits)
    12. Child Development 101 (3 Credits)

    Here are my options at my current community college...

    1. LPN: The LPN program is one year long, so it would be from January to December of 2014. However, before I would be considered for admission, I would need to receive my CNA from the school. That program is one semester long, 16 weeks. It would be really pushing things close with our departure date of March 2015. However, it seems doable, if I can start the CNA program this summer or during the Fall semester.

    2. RN: The RN program consists of 46 credits and due to the pre-reqs for the different courses, that too takes a full two years to complete. Once again, this doesn't seem to work with our departure date.

    3. Pre-Nursing: Take courses that would go toward a BSN, such as Pharmacology, Microbiology, Chemistry, etc.

    4. Any other suggestions?

    Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   zoe92
    I say LPN, & become a CNA first during either summer or fall (whichever works best with your due date). I would say try to get into the LPN program for spring 2014 & just do it. For the last couple months of your program, you would obviously have to be seperated from your partner, but it would not be for long. Some military spouses on this site are seperated for much longer than that. Good luck & congrats on the baby!
  4. by   LifeIsGood76
    I say LPN as well. Then when you are in your new location you can do an LPN-RN Bridge program. I wouldn't do the pre-reqs, because some schools (like the one I am going to) requires that you do all your science pre-reqs with them. Good luck!!
  5. by   SopranoKris
    I would do LPN because it's much easier to get into an ADN program if you're already an RN. Our school's Advance Standing track for existing LPNs, Paramedics & Respiratory Therapists never fills all 32 seats each year. So, you're guaranteed to get in, if you meet the standard. Many schools will take LPNs because you only need to finish the last year of the program (depending on the school).

    So, I would say, go for the LPN. Yes, you're cutting it close, but it would be easier to bridge later.