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Where are you from?

  1. 0 I thought it would be fun to see where everyone is. I'm Sonora, CA. Going to school at Columbia College. Currently working on my last pre-req to apply to the nursing program this May.
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    Houston, TX! Currently attending Houston Community College. Applying to Prairie View University College of Nursing for the Fall 2013 BSN program.
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    From VA. I will be applying to Sentara BSN program in May.
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    Annapolis, Maryland!

    I'll be applying to University of Maryland's School of Nursing in the Spring.
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    ^I love MD! Most of my family lives in Annapolis and Baltimore.
    I'm from Hampton, Va and it is looking very promising for me to start nursing school this fall. I'm super excited!
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    I am from the Annapolis area as well. I applied to multiple BSN programs throughout Maryland.
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    I'm from Missouri. Just got accepted to the Missouri State University nursing program for my BSN!
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    Originally from NYC but in VA and will be applying to Sentara BSN program. (Lots of Sentara folks I see) wish all of you luck!