What's a good gpa to apply for the nursing program?

  1. Hello everyone, I recently applied to nursing school with a 3.0 gpa,; the school only requires you to have a 2.6. My grades in college wasn't always good. When I first started back in 2003 I wasn't really serious about school and I got 4 bad grades , but know my transcript looks awesome. Do y'all think I have a chance? Please be honest!!😀
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  3. by   jonesel
    Hi! It all depends on the school and how competitive it is. 2.6 may be the minimum many people, like yourself, have a much higher GPA than that. So just talk to someone in the nursing department at the school you are looking at to get some feedback on the GPAs that they generally accept. A program I once wanted to get on was 3.4. But I say apply and get more info. Your GPA is good and you never know what could happen! Good luck!
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Do you have a chance? Of course you do.

    But if multiple applicants have 3.5 grade point averages (or greater), healthcare experience, and volunteer work, your chance might be slim. If, however, you're competing against lots of other applicants with 3.0 grade point averages, your chance might be better.

    Other factors include test scores, grades earned in science prerequisite courses, etc.
  5. by   dannygurl84
    Thank y'all so much for the advice
  6. by   Cindymorris82
    It also depends on the program. The average GPA for the one I applied to was 3.4.
  7. by   dannygurl84
    Ok Cindymorris82