What was your Pre-req GPA? - page 3

It's something I stress about every day. I have a 3.69. What was yours before you applied to a nursing program?... Read More

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    That's seriously impressive!

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    4.0 in pre-reqs. 3.85 in my previous BA.
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    Do any of you guys go to a community college?
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    I am 33, mom to 5 kids ages 5-15 with a current GPA of 4.0. I have my last 3 pre req's this spring semester (A&P 2, PSYC 101 and college algebra). Taking my TEAS on the 18th and more nervous about scoring well enough on that then getting my remaining A's. I studied probably 30+ hours a week for my A&P 1 A. It can be done but it sure takes a lot of time studying.
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    I currently have a 4.0 GPA. I'm finishing up my remaining pre-reqs this semester, and apply to my program in just a couple weeks for fall admission.
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    Right now i have a 3.2. My grades were average my first year of college, but now that i'm in my second year, I'm on the right track, getting A's, and actually studying. I applied for the nursing program for fall 2013/spring 2014. And I have one more semester of pre-reqs (A&P 2 and life span development).
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    At a four-year university I have 4.0 in prereqs and 3.93 overall. I take the TEAS tomorrow. In March I'll get my acceptance letter. (I'm just that confident. Not really... my insides are quaking.)

    I knew I could get the grades to become either a nurse or doctor. I chose ​nursing.

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