What to do when you are not accepted into a nursing program What to do when you are not accepted into a nursing program | allnurses

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What to do when you are not accepted into a nursing program

  1. 0 I am a transfer student and i am about to finish the last prereqs at a community college. I applied to Villanova University, University of virginia, and University of Florida. I did not get into the first 2 schools and currently waiting on UFL. I am really scared that i will not get into UFL. My current GPA is 3.4. After i finish my last prereqs i may go up to a 3.5. The biggest mistakes i made was not applying to schools on time. Also the teas test and toefl exam scared me and prevented me from applying to other colleges. I really don't know what to do. I reside in Pennsylvania, and the only options that i have is to wait a whole year and apply to schools again or try to get a ASN in nursing. Is there any colleges that accept spring transfers? I cannot afford to wait around for another year doing nothing because i've already taken all the prerequisites for nursing. I am mentally breaking down because i don't know what to do. Please help.
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    Okay, first, take a deep breath. This is not the end of the world. You live in Pennsylvania, a HUGE state with many nursing school (I am in border state Maryland which is so limited on schools with BSNs). Here is a list of BSN programs in PA: Pennsylvania Nursing Schools : Nursing Schools in Pennsylvania. Go through each website, see who has spring admissions, do the required application-essay-recommendations-whatever, & apply by the deadline. Your GPA is good so that really should not be a problem.
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    I would go to a private LPN school,then transfer to lpn to BSN...It sucks,but you can get started faster.
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    Listen to #2. Breathe. Raise your GPA. Personally i would not rush to your LPN. But know your RN options.
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    It's going to be okay, deep breathe! I applied 3 times before I got in. After my second year of not being accepted at community colleges or BSN programs I met with an adviser from each school I was considering and they gave me a lot of great advice. I re-took any prereqs I got a B in even though it was painful to do so, and I got my bachelors degree so I could apply to some accelerated BSN programs. I don't know if you have any healthcare experience but I live in Oregon and that is a crucial way to make yourself a better applicant. From my experience very few people I know have gotten in the first year they have applied. Keep your head up, you are going to do great!
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    First get some experience become a CNA or a MA. The experience will make nursing school a lot easier. Plus it will give you a better network to get letters of recognition’s and it looks good on your application to have a job in health care. There are websites to help. Also raise your GPA and take some practice entrance exams. Best of luck
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