What to do to prepare for Anatomy

  1. Hi everyone, I am going to be taking Anatomy this fall, starting in August. I would like to do something to help prepare myself and get a head start for the class. I have gotten A's in bio and Chem 1A so I think I am generally prepared but would like to kind of get a background of Anatomy before I start the class. I have bought the Human Anatomy book that my class requires already, my question is, does it seem like a good idea to start reading the book now? And what else would you suggest I do to help get a head start. Thanks in advance everyone!
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  4. by   conjer
    I was always the type to go over the first chapter the week before school started. This helped me because I was always one chapter ahead, and if anything happened to put me behind in my study schedule, I was actually still on track.

    Most people will say to enjoy your time before you start the class, but do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

    Since it's anatomy, spend some time gathering resources. Anatomy is very time consuming because there's so much to memorize.

    Buy an anatomy coloring book. Find additional resources on your campus. Download apps that allow you to rotate and inspect a 3D model of the human body. I spent hours in the media center on my campus because i was able to rent and study models; this was especially helpful when it came to learning the bones and muscles.

    The more variety you add to your study regiment, the better. Or at least, that's what helped me anyway! The best tip i can give is to stay on top of it! Studying a little everyday will serve you well in the long run.

    Best of luck.