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Hi everyone! I only have 3 classes left to take for my pre-reqs. Those classes are A&P II, Statistics and Microbiology. Should I take A&P II along with Statistics and then Microbiology over the... Read More

  1. by   lecole01
    Thank you all for commenting!
  2. by   quarterlifemess
    I took all those classes in one 15 week semester, earned a 4.0. At my school, AP II and Micro were perfect together as there was a lot of overlap in content namely the immune system.

    Statistics made me want to pull my hair out. I hated every minute of it. I love math, especially algebra, and enjoy finding X. What I don't like is getting all up in X's business and interpreting X's feelings. I highly recommend taking Stats on campus. I think me taking it online did not help the situation at all.

    Knowing what I know now, I would personally take AP II + Micro in a full semester. And Stats (or Satan as I often refer to it) alone preferably in a shorter semester as to not draw out the agony*.

    *Your miles may vary, my opinions on Statistics is not universal. You may learn to love the demon child.
  3. by   Nurse2BeCam
    I took micro and a&p2 together along with 2 other courses so I'd take those together and then do stats in the summer (:
  4. by   meginnurse
    I took micro and APII together in the summer. I wanted to complete them to meet the application deadline. However, knowing what I know now, I would either take only one of them in the summer or take them together in a regular semester. For me, I found little overlap between the two classes. Either way, there's A LOT of studying to do for both. My entire summer was consumed with class and studying. Haven't taken stats yet so I can't comment on when to take it.
  5. by   lcgivz12
    I took Microbiology over a summer and did well. A&P and Statistics can easily be done together. If these are your last 3 and you are able to commit the time and energy, you can definitely take them altogether in the same semester and do well. It's all about time management and staying on top of your studying. A&P 2 was my favorite class of all time and because I found the subject so interesting, it wasn't hard to me at all. Loving the subjects help you do well in them!