what nursing schools do you suggest?

  1. hi i'm a freshman in college now and i'm seriously considering becoming a nurse. the school i'm currently attending has a good nursing program, however it is too full and there is no hope of transferring in, not even for next year. i'm thinking about transferring and i was wondering what schools you suggest in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut area. Thanks
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  3. by   tas026
    New York University has a great program.
  4. by   ♑ Capricorn ♑
    I would finish any and all prereq courses and degree courses for a BSN, first. Get that out of the way before you even apply to an RN program at your school. You mentioned you are a freshman, maybe apply to RN school before your Junior year. You may not need to "school hop" if you are wanting to stay at your current school. It is probably too early to say if's, when's and but's. Decide where you want to stay and go to school, first. Then, work on getting into an RN progam when you're ready to do so. Good luck.
  5. by   dtaylor79
    Does anyone know anything about Stony Brook’s program or NYC College of Technology’s program? I know both are with CUNY or SUNY so its more affordable.
  6. by   number41
    There are quite a few in that tri-state area. I'm not sure where you currently attend, and what caliber of school you are interested in, but off the top of my head in CT: Sacred Heart University (they have many online course options and they've been doing distance learning for a while. I went there for under-grad), Fairfield University, Quinnipiac & each state school (Southern CT, Western CT, Central CT, UCONN has satellite campuses scattered around CT). SHU, FU & Quinnipiac are private and less affordable (FYI). There are also hospital affiliated programs that are more affordable (St. Vincent's College) and they also offer many online courses. I can say from experience, because St. V's is hospital affiliated you are thrown right into it and it's great experience. I don't know much about Stony Brook, I almost looked into it but decided to make life easier and stay closer (I live in CT). Best of luck to you If you have any questions about CT programs I can help more.
  7. by   lisatoronto
    I am in the 2 yr nursing program at Stony Brook....I may be able to help
  8. by   purple23
    thanks everyone! im currently at fairfield but the program is too full so they wont let anyone in my grade transfer in, and theres no hope for next year either. also, im not so sure i really like it here anymore so transferring isn't such a big deal anymore!
  9. by   number41
    so you're at Fairfield and don't like it? just curious, I was considering it for my MSN. have you applied to any yet?
  10. by   purple23
    its just that nothing has really worked out for me here so i think a change would be good, and i cant study nursing here anyway because the program is too full. but im sure for your MSN you would like it since it is a good school. i was thinking of maybe going to a local school this semester thats still accepting applications and taking some science classes then applying to a different school for the fall.
  11. by   number41
    Makes sense! That's not a bad idea.. how about SHU or St. Vincent's? Pretty close. I went to both so I can speak to either Good luck!!
  12. by   purple23
    thanks!!! yah i was thinking of maybe sacred heart or quinnipiac, or if i dont wanna go away again something closer to home like mount st. vincent